Obey Giant

Who is Shepard Fairey?

Born and raised in Charleston South Carolina, Shepard Fairey has been drawing since he was a kid. After earning a traditional art degree at RisD he found himself inspired by the do it yourself attitude in skate and punk culture. He began making stickers, flyers, and stencils. He would put them up where ever he could, as fast as he could so not to be caught by the authorities (he has been caught over 20 times but it has never put a damper on his art). Shepard Fairey began gaining recognition when he created the Obey Giant sticker inspired by wrestler Andre the Giant. After his discovery Shepard Faireys career soared to new heights he went from bad boy slapping stickers on stop signs, to having an instillation suspended from the Eiffel tower.

Obey the Brand

Shepard Fairey is known for designing the OBEY Brand. Selling clothing, stickers, and skateboards, the brand has a far reach and is on trend.