Student Work Showcase

Kat Spencer Zimmerman

Kat Spencer Zimmerman is a delightful and talented designer.  She is finishing her degree in design, which includes quite a bit of web design.

I have been enormously privileged to work together with Kat and help her through some of the tougher bits of web design.  Kat is a real trooper, sometimes enduring sessions of multiple hours, to understand the ins and outs of web design in a stable and thorough way, while making her own designs positively stand out such a classy way.

Kat's progress has been enormous, progressing from a shy and highly anxious student with huge struggles to a confident student learning without anxiety and - KICKING ASS IN CLASS and outshining all her fellow students!!!

Kat's first site she did with me was her first "serious" web page apart from a few experiments she had done before.  What you see above is just about exacty what she showed me as the VERY FIRST SITE she made for the assignments we were working on together - without any help at all from Ole Tutor James.  Check out the cool, subtle design.  Admire the quiet sophistication of layout - all without ME saying a word!!   All I helped with was getting the design into a mobile-friendly, scaling design by putting some of the elements into floats.

Kat's second site was tough work but so very enjoyable.  As you can see, she is continuing in her theme of street art.  Notice especially the way the site so gracefully resizes for tablet and mobile form.  We did this one without Bootstrap or any other framework.

We've completed a third site together which was just plain fun - I hope to put that one up here once Kat has turned the project in.

You can reach Kat through me if you are interested in her services in graphics. In a short bit I think she will also be available for web design.  Her prices are modest and she is a joy to work with.  You can meet her and her two ferrets via web conferencing.